- Toddlers 13 -23 months -

The Toddler classroom is a safe and nurturing environment consisting of appropriate shelving and activities geared towards children 13-23 months old. During this period, the Toddler begins to learn independence, self-reliance, cognitive skills, fine and gross motor skills, grace, and courtesy in this prepared environment. This prepares the child for the next classroom.

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Prepared Environment

Children in the Toddler program are primarily introduced to the multi-age classroom. With the multi-age setting, they learn from and help each other on a daily basis. The classroom is filled with appropriate sized furniture and shelving so the child can choose and access work independently. In this prepared setting, the child will explore their world by walking, talking, and interacting with other children. Through movement and hands-on learning, the child absorbs and learns from this environment.

 Practical Life Lessons

Activities for control of movement such as spooning, pouring, sorting, stringing beads, walking a line, helps the child gain powers of focus and concentration along with fine and gross motor skills. Children learn skills such as dressing frames, folding, scrubbing, and washing hands, helps the child grow toward independence. Activities for the care of the environment such as sweeping, mopping, polishing, dusting, watering plants, washing dishes, and tables, help the child to learn and respect the classroom.


- Spanish -

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Our teaching objective is to emphasize the essentials: pronunciation, comprehension, reading, and writing. To develop these skills, we use games to activate Spanish vocabulary and techniques such as role-playing in order to make the most of our class time. These activities are essential and critical in order for students to develop Spanish language skills. We target language comprehension rather than memorizing words, and put grammar in action through reading mini-books or short stories that prepare the student to comprehend Spanish.



(6 WEEKS - 12 YEARS)