-what our parents have to say-

Ms. Monica, we can’t thank you enough for what you do for our Addie. When we first moved to Texas we never thought we would be able to trust anyone with our baby. Day by day, she proved to be trustworthy. I have met many teachers, but you are truly special. I am happy to say my daughter knows her body parts, sings her numbers, and not ready to leave when it’s time for pickup. Thank you for making such a large imprint on a little heart.

Amey D.

The owners are awesome! My son misses them so much. They are very proactive and provide great customer service.

Patricia R.

Ms. Jennifer is an outstanding Director. I greatly appreciate the love and care she has for each of her students. She pays attention to details and she always puts the needs of her students first. She is a friendly person and she helps children feel safe. My daughter loves school so much more because of Ms. Jennifer's welcoming energy and I will forever be thankful that my daughter had her as one of the very first people in her life to help grow her love of learning! 

Mercedes G.

I always felt comfortable and at ease knowing that my son was in the hands of Ms. Jennifer and her staff. She always made sure that the well-being of my child and everyone came first. It was great to have such a huge blessing like her. Especially knowing that I had to be away from my son for such long hours each day. But each day when I picked up my son he was safe, happy, healthy, and protected. He was never in a rush to leave because he loved his daycare and Ms. Jennifer.

Stephanie G.