Children have the fine motor skills to work on cutting and pasting, developing their writing skills, numbers, and names. During this time, the children learn how to read stories, experiment with art and music, develop additional
gross and fine motor skills while working independently in small groups. At this stage, children have increased
interest in communicating relationships with their classmates. They are highly encouraged to explore their areas of interest.

At SRLC, we work to prepare your child for Kindergarten. Our program helps us to create the best teaching style for your little one. We also help children to explore, create, and to build problem-solving and critical-thinking skills. 


Our unique curriculum is divided by the theme of the week, letter, counting, number sense, color, shape, position/concept, pattern, and sight words (if applicable). SRLC teachers facilitate these self-directed practices with small and large group experiences that provide children the tools they need to grow and develop naturally.


We continuously guide your child in learning how to follow more structured rules and routines. Your little one is now using independent learning and thinking! We encourage them to apply all the skills they are learning with thoughtful challenges and fun activities throughout the day.

kids planting vegetables
child smiling
Two Friends with a Tablet

Increased Technology

We live in a digitally connected world. Children need to be provided with the tools necessary to gain every technological advantage. Properly implemented and monitored, technology can be a powerful educational tool. In our Pre-K classroom, students develop their cognitive functions by exploring and manipulating technology to investigate questions and solve problems.

Outdoor Exploration

Additional STEAM engagement will be outdoor classrooms and learning centers where students can engage in nature-based play and explore the world. We believe that our students need to be prepared for the modern world, but still have the excitement and childhood joys of the outdoors. Which may include field trips.


(6 WEEKS - 12 YEARS)