Pre-K 3 program offers a wide variety of experiences to engage your child and prepare them for kindergarten. The Pre-K 3 curriculum at Summer Rays Learning Center is based on the unique needs and interests of the children in the class. Our classrooms include learning centers full of ways for children to explore, investigate, and to build problem-solving and critical-thinking skills. Summer Rays Learning Center teachers facilitate these self-directed practices with small and large group experiences that provide children the tools they need to grow and develop

Here you get to see a more structured daily routine for your child, as they learn problem-solving and conflict resolution skills. They are also more independent, and we show them how to follow basic self-care routines.


Preschoolers are more interested in learning the fun stuff like math, science, language, and writing skills in addition to the daily sign language, art, music, sensory, nutrition, fine motor, gross motor, and dramatic play activities. We continue to prepare them for the classroom environment.

Children Reading the Holy Bible

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Can you see the glee on your child’s face as they join in on our many festivities and celebrations? A few highlights of the year include our annual Choir performance and Christmas play, where kids of all ages experience confidence in themselves and enthusiasm for being in front of a group. There are many opportunities to prepare your tot for being in front of a group, practicing public speaking and performance skills while having a blast! By far some of our favorite times are watching you and your child smiling wide and living the moment, at one of our many shows and events.


(6 WEEKS - 12 YEARS)