- Infants (Non-Mobile) -

Yes, we get it! We are all Moms. Summer Rays Learning Center supports your baby with stimulating and educational activities that foster growth and help achieve developmental milestones.


- Technology -

We've implemented technology to keep our parents updated on their children's activities. Through the Brightwheel App, parents receive instant updates on their child’s day at school: pictures/videos, activities, mood, books, songs, school reminders, and daily routines (diaper, meal, nap for infant/toddlers). Parents never miss a moment.

- Our Staff -

Our teachers are motivated with years of experience and dedication to the needs of our students. Our commitment to maintaining a staff of the most skilled educators begins with a steady schedule of professional development and teacher training. Weekly staff meetings ensure that our employees are up-to-date with the latest policies, procedures, and practices.

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American Sign Language

American Sign Language - Studies show that learning a second language at a young age is beneficial to a child intellectually. Because ASL is a minority language and the indigenous language of the American Deaf community, it is our philosophy and practice to make the program linguistically accessible and culturally friendly. Not only will the students have fun learning many of the sign languages and using this skill, but it will also improve small motor skills. In addition, this pursuit will make youngsters aware of those who are different and have special needs. It will teach them not to fear the differences but embrace the likenesses. 



(6 WEEKS - 12 YEARS)